Minnesota Window Cleaning  provides friendly, dependable & PROFESSIONAL window cleaning for

1, 2 & 3 story residential, commercial & post construction customers.


Minnesota Window Cleaning has the highest standards in our industry. You won't find plain ol' dish soap in our buckets! We use a bio-friendly, professional cleaning solution and that not only makes your windows sparkle, but it also helps protect them from the harsh elements that they are exposed to daily...and best of all, your windows stay cleaner longer!!! Our products have no strong odors and are safe to use around pets, children, and landscaping.

Our customers feel comfortable with us in their homes & appreciate the professional service we provide.

We will provide you with several references with your no obligation FREE ESTIMATE!

  • Residential Window Cleaning
    Our full service includes:
    • Interior & exterior panes washed
    • Screen cleaning (both sides of frame)
    • Tracks, frames and sills wiped down as a courtesy
  • Commercial Window Cleaning
    Our full commercial service includes:
    • Interior & exterior panes washed
    • Tracks & frames wiped down
  • Optional Services Available
    • Hard water stain removal
    • Detailed track cleaning
    • Mirror cleaning
    • Ceiling fan cleaning
    • Coach lights & other glass lighting fixtures cleaned

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